Percival Ready to Go

Sunday is the first official workout for pitchers and catchers, but a lot of players are already at the Charlotte Sports Park working out. Troy Percival arrived Friday morning and reported being ready to go after offseason back surgery in December.

“I feel better now than I did at any point last year,” Percival said. “My back was killing me last year. I still have back pain, but I don’t have the things that go with it. My legs last year were
numb, they were shaking all the time. I have all the strength back in my legs. That’s probably the biggest bonus I’ve noticed.”

Asked whether he’d be ready by the start of the season and the Rays closer responded: “Absolutely.”

“Anything can happen, but as of right now, I’m coming in feeling better body wise than I did last year,” Percival said. “I mean last year, I was two days in and I was blowing hamstrings. I don’t envision that happening, especially the workout they have me on.”
–Bill Chastain


Hi Bill, Hope you have a lot of fun down there! Wish I could be there…
It’s great to see Purcival up and going.
Can’t wait to see the guys in action. It’s time to show the everyone what a championship season looks like! Let’s shake up the AL East!

Go Scott! Go Evan!


So glad that you finally got your blog up on Love reading your stuff and look forward to more great information and interesting stories from you in 2009.

Have you thought yet of incorporating your Rays questions weekly as on MLBlogs like you do on It would be an excellent addition to your new MLBlog audience.

See you at Fan Fest tomorrow, and keep up the awesome work.

Rays Renegade

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