Slippery Slope and a Trim Navvy

Rays manager Joe Maddon got to work on motivating his squad during his opening remarks to the team Sunday when pitchers and catchers had their first workout at the Charlotte Sports Complex.

Maddon spoke of the importance of humility and gratitude leading to self discipline and how
the slippery slope is lined with ingratitude and lack of humility. “I think that’s where people fail, especially after they’ve been successful,” Maddon said. “I don’t want us to fall into that trap.”

Of the 38 players at the workout, Dioner Navarro probably caught the most attention given his physical appearance. The Rays catcher has dropped 15 pounds, which he attributed in large part to “no pops” or soda. “I’d sneak a Dr. Pepper every now and then, but mostly I drank water.”

–Bill Chastain


Joe never lacks the talent to motivate his team. He also seems to know what works and what doesn’t. Hope he’s ready for another great year!

I like the idea that Navi is showing the leadership qualities and trimming down to show his commitment to the team. I can see maybe a multi-year deal coming out of this if he can hold his average up there this year, because the pitching staff loves to throw to him.

The guy is finally showing the moxy and leadership the Yankess thought they saw when they first signed him.

Rays Renegade

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