Statistics and Coming Attractions

Joe Maddon and his staff are meeting with players this week to go over what he describes as being “kind of like a profile sheet” that has strong points, weak points and specific goals for the player.

“Then we try to break down statistically what happened last year to see if there is anything remarkable,” Maddon said. “Actually, sometimes when you get the numbers they speak directly to a particular problem that you just think you may have noticed. And you look at the numbers and it’s exactly the opposite than what you thought. Until you break it down numerically, a lot of times our observations aren’t as good as we think they are sometimes.”

All of the position players are expected to be in camp for the first full-squad workout Wednesday.

Looking ahead, Maddon said the team’s first live batting practice will take place Friday and that he does not expect to have an intrasquad game prior to the team’s Feb. 25 Grapefruit League opener against the Reds; the starter for that first game has not yet been announced.
–Bill Chastain


Since they took Scott Kazmir out of the classic, they could at least let the ace start this one. Is that really a hard decision?

I am so glad we got Pat Burrell. He will provide great protection on the lineup for Longoria and Pena. Based on Pena and Burrell’s walks from 2008, it will bring about a new course of action for opponents facing the Rays in 2009

Rays Renegade

Hey Bill, I am super excited about the season. My wife and I are in Tampa and we were thinking about coming out to practice on Friday. What time is practice, and do you know if there is an online practice schedule?

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