New Slogan and a Parade

Joe Maddon unveiled his encore to last year’s popular 9=8 slogan during his talk to the players prior to Wednesday’s first full-squad workout. And this year’s slogan is (drum roll): ’09 better than ’08.

“I wanted to re-emphasize that nine will always equal eight in our math, but furthermore this year, ’09 is going to be better than ’08,” Maddon said. “And we want to hopefully be better by at least three games.”

The Rays will be the honorees of a parade Thursday afternoon in Punta Gorda.

The festivities will begin at 2:45 and the entire team is scheduled to attend the parade, which will start on West Marion Ave., head down Taylor St., and ultimately conclude at Quality
Self Storage on Taylor Road.

Immediately following the parade, there will be a “meet-and-greet” at Laishley Park, with interactive games for the kids, autograph signing, merchandise, baseball foods, sodas and beer.

–Bill Chastain


I like the new slogan. that is a nice play on the 2008 slogan, with a great “Maddon” touch. ” ’09 better than ’08” will look great on a T-shirt too.

The road will be littered with more expectations and anxious moments, but this team has been down the road before and should be able to calm a lot of the nerves and pitfalls along the way. I am predicting 94 win again this year.

Rays Renegade

Rays Renegade – It might look good on a t-shirt but it doesn’t roll off the tongue well. Sorry!


Yeah have to agree Renegade, looks good but doesn’t roll of the tongue!

Doesn’t roll well, but let’s hope it works. Renegade, hope they win more than 94. I’m feeling optimistic today!

There was definitely a terrific turn out for the parade and meet-and-greet. Charlotte County residents are happy to have them in the community.

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