Longoria Feeling Better

Evan Longoria returned to practice Thursday a day after leaving practice early due to the lingering effects of having his wisdom teeth removed.

“It definitely helped out,” Longoria said. “Just one of those things where they felt it was just better for them to let me rest.  I feel better today.  It’s still there, but I talked to the dentist yesterday and it was kind of one of those things were there’s no cure for it. So you just kind of wait it out. Let the pain just heal itself, I guess.”

–Bill Chastain


Great to see Longo back at full power. With Burrell and Pena with him in the slots in the lineup, I think he is going to have a great year. Might not be a monster year, but will be a great second year with more awesome defensive plays.

I can’t wait for the home Opener against the Yankees. Not only do we get to put up the banners, but we get to hear the crack of the bat, and the thump into the catcher mitt to signal a new season.

Rays Renegade


Ouch – I hope Evan feels better. Having your wisdom teeth pulled is no fun.


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