Head Games

Rays manager Joe Maddon had friend and sports psychologist Ken Ravizza at camp Saturday.

Ravizza helped Matt Garza with his composure last summer and Maddon would like him to work with the team on an ongoing basis. On the front burner, Maddon would like Ravizza to help players “debrief” from 2008, or helping them remember things they were thinking about when critical moments occurred. By doing so, they might be able to repeat or avoid certain behaviors or feelings.

During the offseason, Madden served as a guest lecturer at the Cal State-Fullerton professor’s stress management class and marveled at how well Ravizza’s students related to their professor.

“This is something we’d like to have for years to come,” Maddon said. “We want to have this available to players that need it, both Major and Minor leagues.”

–Bill Chastain

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This guy did some amazing work with Matt Garza, and hopefully he can also maybe help B J Upton with his concentration on the base paths.
I like the fact he will be available the entire year for the team in case a situation arises that deems his services.

Rays Renegade


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