Rays Have Open House

Charlotte Sports Park had a nice feel Monday morning.

The parking lot swelled with cars on a crisp day, music played, kids were busy on the playground, and the Rays worked out in front of the crowd estimated by the Rays to be 3,000 strong.

Count Rays manager Joe Maddon among those feeling the good vibe.

“There was a lot of energy in the practice,” Maddon said. “You looked at it, and right away my thoughts were about 2006. … The Rays gear, everybody knows everybody. The way they were just yelling out at our players. It’s part of the cultural change.”

Maddon said his club had great work in front of the loyal Rays fans.

“We did the rundowns in high energy, we did the base running in high energy … it was enjoyable,” Maddon said. “It was nice to have [the fans] out there.”
–Bill Chastain


Oh to be in Florida now! Hope everyone is having fun down there…live it up!

I stopped by earlier this afternoon and it was nice to see a large, enthusiastic crowd. It was hard to pull myself away to return to the office.

On another topic, the Charlotte Harbor Visitor & Convention Bureau would like to post a widget of your blog feed to our site (www.CharlotteHarborTravel.com). Please advise if this is okay with you, thanks!

jennifer [dot] huber [at] charlotteFL [dot] com

I think there might have been around 3,000 there today. Awesome turnout to see the new field and to see the Rays take some live B P .

The Rays did a fantastic job on making the fans feel welcome and want to come back down and catch a game during the 2009 Spring Training season.

Rays Renegade


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