Platoon in Right

Joe Maddon did not surprise anybody Thursday in Tampa when he said of the right field situation: “It’s pretty much going to be a platoon.”

Gabe Gross, Gabe Kapler, Justin Ruggiano, Matt Joyce and Fernando Perez are all a part of the equation right now.

The Rays manager said the reason it works is because no matter how it shakes out, the Rays will have a nice balance in right “because we play good defense.”

Maddon said all of the candidates understand the situation, but he noted that anybody could grow into a regular role.

–Bill Chastain


Last year we seemed to have the answer too, then we traded for Gabe Gross. Some days you just wish that Josh Hamilton has slipped thgrought the Rule 5 draft. Imagine that outfield.
I like the Gabe/Gabe combo, but if this young kid Joyce can win the job, it should be his position with some Gabe added in for good measures.
I think Perez might get more time later in the year, or if aninjury happens.

Rays Renegade

Sounds like the Red Sox last year. Never knew who was going to be out there. One day it’ll click and all will be ok. Where did Joyce come from? I haven’t heard much about him – ok, so we don’t hear a lot up here about the Rays in general…but i’m trying!

Joyce was acquired from the Tigers in a trade for Edwin Jackson. Joyce is a Tapma area native.

Is he in the lineup for tonight’s game? We actually get it on TV tonight! The excitement of a Rays game on TV is becoming too much for me. Been a long off season!

ok, enough loses…can we win one now? I know it’s early but still…Once they get the taste of winning, hopefully it will stay with them all year!

I do not think Gabe Gross should be in the mix. I am not sure about Gabe Kapler, but I doubt that he will be that productive. The real guys to consider are Joyce and Perez and maybe Rugggiano. I look for Joyce to become the everyday RF after his calf injury heals and if he is given a chance.

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