Traffic Problem Much Improved

The long lines of traffic on State Road 776 outside Charlotte Sports Park were gone Friday at the Rays’ second home game of the Grapefruit League Season.

After experiencing problems at Wednesday’s home opener, the Rays, along with officials from Charlotte County and the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Department, met for 45 minutes to address the problems.

“It’s much better today,” said Michael Kalt, Rays senior vice president, development and business.

Kalt complimented the work of both agencies by saying: “They’ve been great to work with from Day 1.”

The Rays more than doubled the staff to help eradicate the problem. Kalt also cited the learning curve by the team’s many season-ticket holders.

“People learn,” he said.

–Bill Chastain


Evan Longoria goes yard! Let’s hope we see a lot more where that came from this year!

Great news for anyone heading to the game.
I know I have gotten there before 10 am just as a precaution to the traffic. the increase in parking attendants and more guidance to spots help make the traffic move quicker and faster.

Rays Renegade

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