Injury Update

According to Joe Maddon, Carlos Pena is definitely a go for Friday in Bradenton. The Rays first baseman has been held back to give him adequate time to recover from off-season surgery to repair abdominal muscle tears.

“I feel great,” Pena said. “I’m planning on playing Friday.”

Meanwhile, Matt Joyce and B.J. Upton will remain on the sideline.

Joyce continues to have a sore calf muscle.

“He’s got this soreness, stiffness down in his lower calf area,” Maddon said. “…There’s day’s it feels better. And times it doesn’t. He said he’s feeling better, but it’s not to the point where we feel like him participating. “

Upton is recovering from off-season surgery to his left shoulder and isn’t expected to play until later in the spring.

Upton is “making progress,” Maddon said. “Still no definitive anything. At the end of it I just know he’s smiling and he’s feeling good. He’s confident. He’s chomping at the bit too, all of our guys are who have not been able to play.”

–Bill Chastain


The wear and tear to these guys bodies! Good luck to them all!


We need to get Upton healthy. Give him as much time as he needs. The combo of Upton/Longoria late last year and into the postseason was unbelievable! It’s great to have Pena back!

B J Upton will be there soon enough. He can wait until after the Rays come home from Boston to start the season. The extra time will not hurt either the team or Upton.

I was hoping to see Matt Joyce play some this spring and make the decision harder in right field, but I guess that will not happen huh?

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