Balfour Fine

Grant Balfour took a shot back to the mound off his right biceps, but fortunately for the Rays reliever, he received only a little bruising.

“Like a bug bit,” said Balfour of the bruising on his arm.

Former Ray Nick Green hit the ball in the fourth inning and the Australian tough guy still managed to throw out Green at first.  And in typical tough-guy fashion, Balfour never rubbed the spot as he walked off the mound.

“It’s a little dark, it’s fine,” Balfour said. “It was actually in a good spot, I guess. Just kind of got the meat there. … It’s going to be fine. I spoke to the trainer, he’s all good with it. It might get a little tight or whatever. But it’s fine.”

Balfour planned to ice the area and keep it stretched out.
–Bill Chastain


Hey, I thought Grant was meant to be playing for the Aussies in the Classic. A real shame as he will be missed and the closer role would have been great experience.

That was nasty to see in person. Thank goodness Grant has the mental toughness of an Austrailan Rules Football player.
But that is going to leave a mark……….

Glad he is going to just be a bit tight for a day or so.

Rays Renegade

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