Rays J.V. Tough

Maddon always likes to talk about the junior varsity determining who wins Spring Training games. Well, Saturday the Rays’ J.V. was sick in their 15-7 dismantling of the Red Sox.

Leading the way were Jon Weber with six RBIs on the day, via a three-run double and a three-run homer, while Ray Sadler added a two-run homer that was hit so hard and far it could still be traveling.

Incidentally, Spring Training records are hard to come by, but according to the Rays, Weber’s six RBIs broke the team record of five shared by Jose Canseco, Jonny Gomes, and Randy Winn.
–Bill Chastain


Glad I missed this game! 😉


Tell Matt Joyce to take his wallet out of his back pocket. His injury sounds very similar to something I experienced. Just a thought.

Recently, I examined and treated three cases that proved to be local compressions of the sciatic nerve by the presence of a well filled back pocket resulting in rather disabling discomfort, severe at the point of compression and radiating down the leg.
The first patient was a general medical practitioner who made a large number of house calls each day. This routine necessitated ridding many hours in his automobile and, also, the carrying of many small bills in a thick wallet for the purpose of change-making. He customarily carried his wallet in his left back pocket. He had recently traded automobiles and now rode in a so-called ?bucket-seat.? Close questioning brought out several interesting observations, the chief one of which concerned prominence of pain, especially recently, in his car. Pain seemed gradually to subside while he was lying in bed through the night. While he was dressing, I noticed his bulging pocketbook in his left back pocket and suggested that he keep that pocket empty. The symptomatology rapidly abated, and in 10 days, it entirely disappeared.

Jon Weber might just make the Rays decision about a fourth of fifth outfielder a bit more of a discussion. His 7 RBI’s in 2 games this past weekend against Boston was against good pitching, and should get him a long look this Spring.

Rays Renegade


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