Kaz Felt Good

Scott Kazmir said he felt better on the mound Monday than he has in a long time. Especially good news for Rays fans is the fact Kazmir believes returning his slider to form will not be difficult due to the condition of his left arm.

Kazmir’s best pitch had always been the slider until last season, which was due in part to his having early elbow problems. Because of those problems, Kazmir threw mostly fastballs and changeups while preparing for his return to the club after missing the first month of the season. When he did return to the team, Kazmir felt like he was “cutting everything off” when he tried to throw his slider, a pitch that requires extending his follow through.

Kazmir now feels like the general health of his arm, plus his constantly doing stretching exercises with his arm, will bring his slider back to form. If that happens, Kazmir should be more like the Kazmir of 2007 than the Kazmir of 2008 in 2009.
–Bill Chastain

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I really hope he stays healthy and finds his groove again!
You go, Scott!

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