Facility Works for Rays

Sunday personified why the Rays love their facility in Port Charlotte.

After Saturday’s rainout in Fort Lauderdale, the pitching was a little backed up — no problem. James Shields, originally slated to start against the Yankees, and Andy Sonnanstine each pitched in Minor League games while David Price made the start against the Yankees.

In addition, Matt Joyce played in a Minor League game before joining the Rays-Yankees game in progress. All of these scenarios were enabled by the Rays’ facility, which houses both the Major and Minor League teams.

Of Note, Joyce had his first at-bat in a Rays spring game. With the bases loaded in the bottom of the sixth, he smoked a ball that would have been a grand slam most days, but a driving wind kept the ball in the park.
–Bill Chastain


What a bummer! Even if it’s only preseason – a grand slam is a great thing!


Bummer on that wind. Grand slams are awesome, spring training nor not! Go Joyce!

Great to hear about Matt Joyce. You know the dome would have made that a grand slam anytime.

Those new Rays facilities have benefited the team greatly and they have only been in use for five weeks. Hopefully they jumpstart a great season for the Rays and the new Stone Crabs.


I watched part of Sunday’s game on TV. The park looks very nice. Actually, I drove past Brighthouse Field today too – that park is very nice too.

Anyway, I want to comment on the importance of music at a ballpark. I watched the end of team USA vs. Japan tonight and enjoyed listening to the Venga Boys “We Like to Party” as the fans went crazy. Last year at Tropicana, I had to endure some incredibly crappy music as various Rays approached the plate. Their home run theme song is barely endurable – some Aerosmith wannabe screaming Rays repeatedly… C’mon Rays, please improve the selection of music – or buy an organ.

I love the new complex, even with the Wild Boars, the area is a great place to watch a game.
And put that with the Tiki Bar and the beautiful wind that crossed the stadium and you got a great facility for baseball.
I commend the Rays and the Charlotte county offcicials for getting it right the first time.

Rays Renegade


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