Upton Progressing

Looks like B.J. Upton’s recent setback will be a minor blip on the radar.

Upton, who has been working hard all spring to come back from November shoulder surgery, got hit on the left hand during a Minor League game Saturday, which prompted x-rays and the whole drill to make sure he had not broken anything.

Fortunately for Upton and the Rays, the diagnosis was a bone bruise. Now he’s feeling better and the Rays are scheduling him to play.

He was slated to play defense and run the bases during a Minor League game today in Port Charlotte. In addition, Upton also planned to swing the bat for the first time since Saturday — but just batting practice.

According to manager Joe Maddon, Upton will hit and play defense in a Minor League exhibition Wednesday. Maddon couldn’t answer the question of whether Upton will play in an exhibition game with the Rays before the Rays head to Philadelphia for their final two exhibition games of the spring. But Upton is not expected to be with the team in Philadelphia.
–Bill Chastain


There’s a lot of hand-hitting going around!


I love his work ethic.
If you know his father, you know where he gets that from……I am so upset that people still label him as a “hotdog” or even a problem child. the kid is going to be a star for years in Tampa Bay. If you see him run, you see a relaxed stride with minimum effort.
You watch Carl Crawford and B J run side by side you see a huge difference in just structure of their running styles.

Rays Renegade


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