Tough Road For Rays

After the Rays took a 1-0 loss Thursday in the rubber game against Seattle, Pat Burrell summed up the Rays’ situation best when he said: “We’re making it tough on ourselves.”

He went on to say that the Rays were going to have to tough it out to fight their way out of their current plight. And looking at where they are right now at 6-10, it will be a tough fight indeed.

The first pitch is about to be thrown in the first game of a three-game series against the A’s in Oakland, which is a tough place to play. After playing the A’s, the Rays will head to Minnesota for three against the Twins — also at a tough place to play.

While I don’t believe a disastrous road trip would be the end for this year’s Rays, I can see a winning road trip serving as a rallying point for the team to get back on track. But the Rays do have their work cut out for them.

–Bill Chastain


Rays are up 7-0 now!


Hi Bill,
Any team that trades away Edwin Jackson deserves what it gets. Sonnanstine is not a Major leaguer; now that the league has seen him, he’s toast. Knew it last year, know it now. Winced when I saw Ed Jackson get traded…for a AAA player. Won’t be long before Sonny goes down in favor of David Price. Rays cannot afford to get too far down in the east before catch up is not possible. Too touch a division.

I guess we are back to where we belong. We had our great year and now were back to the bottom. The door mats. What has changed so much. The heart! They are all just glad to have had the year they had last year. I guess they think if they just show up it will be the same. Wake up Tampa aka St.Pete. You have to play with heart every game. It takes EVERYONE playing there best every out and at bat. I don’t see them playing like last year. There is a change in the team and it sucks. Play hard or be the door mat. Have the heart and play like it’s your last game every game!! just like last year that’s what it takes. I wish they were still hungry. I don’t see it but I hope they prove me wrong.

It seemed like after getting through the American League East last year, the Rays figured all they had to do was show up and the Phillies would be easy. It doesn’t look like the attitude has changed, as they (including the Manager) just continue to smile loss after loss. Guess what, the Red Sox are better, hungry and so is the rest of the division. Maddon handled the bullpen like a magician last year but tricks cannot substitute for the lack of a quality closer. If there was one glaring difference between the Rays and Phillies last October, look no further. And now they don’t even have David Price. How long before they bring him up? If they’re going to wait until they are 20 games out, don’t bother.

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