Can Crawford Steal 100?

Carl Crawford has been burning up the base paths and has received a lot of well-deserved attention for his tear, which includes a six-steal performance Sunday against the Red Sox.

But what about really making his mark on the game by hitting three digits? Crawford just laughed when asked about the prospect of stealing 100 bases.

“Man, that’s a lot of bags,” Crawford said. “I don’t think I’d be able to walk at the end of the season.”

Rays manager Joe Maddon doesn’t think stealing 100 bases is possible in this era of slide steps and stopwatches. He further noted that he likes the idea of Crawford having a high stolen base percentage — which he currently does after stealing 19 bases in 19 attempts this season — more than stealing just to steal for high numbers.
–Bill Chastain


It will be interesting to see how many he can steal.


Speed kills! CC said in Spring Training that it was great to feel 100% again. I think he must have been missing a step most of last year. Let’s hope he and all the Rays can avoid injuries this season, then I do think 100 steals is possible, especially if we make it into the post season again.

Saw you on TV last night during the game. They were talking to someone in the press box below you for abut 10 secs.

I love it that the Yankees fans had to sit through a cold rain to see us beat them again!
How’s the new stadium?

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