Monsoon in Miami

MIAMI — In case you haven’t heard, things are looking pretty bad weather-wise here at land Shark Stadium. It hasn’t stopped raining — I could barely see the road on the way over here — and all there is when you look down on the field is a big white tarp and field equipment holding it down.

But here’s a glimmer of hope for a Saturday night game: Land Shark Stadium has a great drainage system. Sometimes you’ll see near-lakes in the outfield, only to have them disappear minutes later. Frankly, they’re used to this kind of weather down here.
But they did rainout against the D-backs earlier this week, so we’ll see what happens …
— Alden Gonzalez


Who do you think will get the first shot at the closer position now that Percival it out and possibly gone?

Joe Maddon has continued to say it will be by committee. He’s just going to feel it out for now — he told all the relievers that yesterday. I’ll have more on that later tonight. (ALDEN)

Thanks for the update and for the excellent coverage here on the site!

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