B.J. Back in Fashion

Who can forget the last time B.J. Upton fashioned a Mohawk haircut at the end of the 2008 season.  He started a fashion statement for the Rays and the Tampa Bay area that remained in vogue throughout last season’s playoff run.

So Rays fans will be glad to learn that prior to Sunday’s game, Upton could once again be seen sporting a Mohawk. And guess who drove in the Rays first run, non other than Upton. Don’t know if it’s karma or what, but Upton has played some pretty nice baseball wearing a Mohawk.
–Bill Chastain

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Hey Bill, something else I remember from last season regarding B.J., the team had him take less BP, which helped keep his shoulder fresh. But perhaps the most important thing I heard B.J. state was that he had watched himself at the plate and was letting go of the bat too early in his swing which was causing him to in effect “spin out” of the pitch. His subsequent adjustment had him squaring up the ball very well in September and October. So this season he is recovering from his surgery and I think as a result he fell back to letting the bat go early and opening up his left side, lately he has been holding on through the ball and seeing his hitting improve markedly. Bill, remember that I grew up playing Palma Ceia LL baseball, not Tampa Bay LL baseball, so that in itself gives my thought some credence🙂

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