Scott Barry Goes Behind the Plate

First base umpire Scott Barry has now taken over behind home plate and the Rays are back on the field after home plate umpire Jerry Crawford left the game.

Crawford is said to be suffering lower back pain.

–Bill Chastain

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Something smells rotten these days at the trop and it isnt the team or stadium. It is however the umpiring baseball gods.It least they believe it. One n eeds only to look at the last 2 games before the all star break vs the As. I point these 2 out only because they are the worst travesty Ive seen of a group of ‘professional umpires. Its bad enough that this group must have had their glasses mixed up as the strikezone varied every half inning and at times during the same at bat. Now I agree they are not perfect and they have a tremendous amount of responsility bestowed on them. I understand they are graded on their performance each day.,but nothing ever comes of it and until MLB grows a pair and takes the necessary steps to correct it, it will continue to fester rapidly into this farce. The players and managers and owners are trying to put a product on the field the fans appreciate! Please dont allow the godly few ruin it for us. Also you do the fans an extreme injustice by not allowing the showing of controversialplays on the jumbotrons in the stadiums. Perhaps if they were shown umpires would get the message. Thanx for listening.

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