Good Sign with Pena

Carlos Pena just hit a solo home run in the fourth for his 23rd homer of the season and his 100th career home run as a Ray, surpassing Fred McGriff to move into second place in club history.

If you’re a Rays fan the best part about his home run is the fact he went the opposite way with the blast. Whenever Pena begins to hit the ball the opposite way, it always seems as though a series of home runs follow. Wait and see.

–Bill Chastain


Hey Bill, nice catch Fri night…..;o)

I agree wholeheartedly about Pena, it means he is staying with the ball longer, instead of just loading up and letting it fly. I expect to see not only HR’s but also shots to either side of the field for 2 baggers. Funny how hitters fall out of whatever makes them fundamentally sound, especially at the MLB level. You look at the great hitters and what they all have in common is keeping their swing fundamentally consistent. You talk to these guys, just what is the role of a hitting coach at this level?

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