100-100 Club

How balanced are the Rays? Try this one on. B.J. Upton’s solo home run leading off the Rays’ half of the third was the team’s 100th homer of the season. The Rays had already reached the 100 stolen base mark, but now that they have 100 homers they have earned the distinction of reaching 100 steals and 100 homers faster than any team in Major League history.

Pretty night balance, huh?

–Bill Chastain


I think this balance is great for the Rays to have. This means they have many talented dynamic athletes, plus they can beat you in multiple ways. Now if only they could cut down on those pesky strikeouts…Brentonhttp://braverays.mlblogs.com

That balance has served the Rays well thus far this year. They seem even stronger as far as scoring runs than they were last season.

I’m looking forward to a strong series against the Rangers. They are known for their offense, so it’ll be neat to see if our guys (Kaz, Price, and Nieman) can tame them.

Plus, we haven’t seen Texas yet, which is always fun.

Great stat! The Rays really do show a great balance. They are an all around solid team. I like how they are going back to the idea of playing solid defense as well as stealing bases to back good pitching.

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