Maddon Turns In A.L. Manager’s Choices for All-Star Game

Joe Maddon submitted his American League All-Star choices to the league office today and noted that he felt “comfortable with the names we’re submitting.”

How many Rays will be on the team? That won’t be known until Sunday, but Maddon did say he was satisfied with the Rays’ representation on the team.

“The manager did a nice job,” Maddon said.

–Bill Chastain


I am VERY excited to see who Joe picked to fill out the roster. I’m hoping for CC and Zobrist to make the team. Pena would be nice, but his K’s are astronomical right now.

The Selection show is about to do an interview with Longo. Should be some good stuff!


Both Longo and Joe gave very well-spoken interviews today. They represented the Rays well.

I am really excited to see that all of the Rays (save for JP Howell) who should have been on the team made it.

Now we’ve got to light up the voting for Carlos!

We all know that J P Howell was in a numbers game this season, but we know he is an All Star in Tampa Bay.
Hopefully between now and next Tuesday we can get a shot at giving him another great memory in 2009.
First the WBC.
Now hopefully an All Star bid……….He is the kind of guy this game should emulate.

Rays Renegade

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