Time to Get Serious

Looks like the Rays will have a nice crowd for the Yankees tonight and while the team seems to be somewhat nonchalant about the necessity of winning the series with the division leaders, the numbers tell another story.

Tonight’s game is the Rays’ 100th of the season, so they have 63 games — including tonight’s — to overcome a 6 1/2 game deficit, which is the margin they trail the Yankees. Making up 6 1/2 games in 63 games is a difficult proposition. Even more disturbing for Rays fans is the prospect of a Yankees sweep. If that happens it’s hard to imagine the Rays overcoming a 9 1/2 game margin.

It might be July, but these are big, big, games for the Rays.
–Bill Chastain


I notice that the Rays name appears nowhere on the list for the trade deadline..We certainly are not looking good in the bullpen..Our starters are struggling..Our offence turns up with no bats.

My comment on the batting has to be the batting coach..Why is it that Carlos just cannot break out of the slump..His mechanics leave somewhat to be desired…Mr Batting coach are you not the one to correct and get players to adjust…I really am surprised..

The pitching coach is not doing any better either… Our Ace last year Mr Price has disappeared from the radar..Shields gets the job done but nowhere near as effective..Caz is Caz. Matt is getting roughed up and Jeff is making some strides..

Our running game seems to get us into trouble more often than before..

Maybe its time to improve our coaching

Go Rayssssssss

anyone know why Sun Sports did not run the game last night?

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