Pena Hitting Third

The Rays’ lineup will look a little different tonight with Carlos Pena hitting third.

The Rays slugger is heating up and manager Joe Maddon said he wanted to make sure Pena saw something to hit in tonight’s game. He figured if Pena was in the fifth spot, he might not see a pitch all night.

Meanwhile, Gregg Zaun is behind the plate. Zaun caught Kazmir during the left-hander’s last outing and it was his best outing of the season. So Maddon figured he’d give the pair another chance to work together.

–Bill Chastain


The Rays are giving up already with the selling of Kazmir–money talks with the Rays and they will never be a winner as long as the buck is the primary consideration of the club. How can they ever be winners again if every time they contend they think of the money factor. Look for the Rays to be outside the playoff picture for the forseeable future. After last year we thought it would be different, but its the same old cheapskate Rays.

Kazmir is going to be back with his old pitching coach. The guy who helped Kaz dominate. The Angels are going to be a happy bunch. And look for Kaz to be back to his old All Star self soon.
If it’s all about money – then I guess the Rays got what they wanted.

I think since we made such a great trade for Kazmir and acquired such a tremendous prospect for third base, we should trade Longoria as well. And now that we got Rodriguez as the player to be named later, we should go ahead and get rid of Crawford. These guys are true geniuses, reminds me a lot of the movie Major League, lets get rid of our good players and attendance will be so bad no one will care when we move. THEY SUCK!!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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