Brignac Looking Good

Reid Brignac has put his game on display tonight with Jason Bartlett filling the DH role.

Not only is Brignac 4-for-4 with two doubles and his first career home run, he also made a stellar play in the field to rob Melvin Mora of a base hit.

Though Brignac has primarily been a shortstop, don’t be surprised to see him come to camp in the spring with a shot to become the everyday second baseman. He also has a good chance to become the Rays’ utility infielder since he can play shortstop and it appears Zobrist could be the everyday right-fielder in 2010.

–Bill Chastain


Hope they can get that Home Run ball back from that Orioles fan.
Not sure of his role on this team in the next few years, but we also did not know what was going to happen with Ben Zobrist when he went on the DL early in 2008.
guess he will be a TBD gut this spring with a possibility of staynig up as a utility guy

Rays Renegade

He was rumored to be in the trade back when the Rays wanted Lee and or Martinez. The Rays do a very nice job with their player development. Nice blog!

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