Boras on Pena

Carlos Pena is heading into the last year of his contract and his agent, Scott Boras, spoke briefly about the situation of the Rays first baseman.

“He is heading into his last year, that’s right,” Boras said. “Certainly Tampa has not contacted us or anything about Carlos.”

Boras stated that extending Pena’s contract is up to the Rays.

“Carlos is under contract,” Boras said. “Certainly if they wanted to contact me, I’d listen to that.”

–Bill Chastain


Would you prefer to lose Carl Crawford and Carlos Pena ( via free agency ) to a team in your division like The Boston Red Sox or The New York Yankees ( and have to see them in LF or DH ing 19 – 38 times a year ) or would you prefer to have them dealt to a team in the NL like …. The Mets for instance ???

Crawford is easier to replace for a low budget team like Rays. They have several players in system who could do a similar job in the field, might give up some batting, but not a lot. Crawford has had good batting average but obp not that great and not a lot of rbi. Pena is a plus in clubhouse leadership and no one coming up who could come close fielding or batting. Reality is we will probably lose both, bring in a cheaper guy from outside to play first and go with Perez or Jennings in Left. Bringing Cantu back to play first is not a bad idea.

Hope Pena doesn’t leave…..he’s a BIG part of the team….and my favorite…. I will follow him wherever he goes. Good guy all-around.

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