Looks Like Upton to Arbitration

Looks like B.J. Upton and the Rays are heading to arbitration.

When I asked Upton’s agent, Larry Reynolds, if they were going to arbitration, Reynolds replied: “I mean, that’s my understanding based on club policy if you can’t get a deal done by a certain date. If you can’t settle by the time you file [numbers], that’s my understanding.”

Reynolds was referring to the Rays’ policy of proceeding to arbitration — with no further negotiation — if a deal is not reached by the time numbers are filed (the deadline for that was noon today). The exception to that policy is if a multi-year deal can be reached, which was the case with Willy Aybar last year. When asked if a long-term deal was still a possibility, Reynolds answered:

“You’d have to ask them that. That’s something I can’t answer.”

Still don’t know anything about the fates of J.P. Howell or Matt Garza.

–Bill Chastain


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Would you prefer to lose Carl Crawford and Carlos Pena ( via free agency ) to a team in your division like The Boston Red Sox or The New York Yankees ( and have to see them in LF or DH ing 19 – 38 times a year ) or would you prefer to have them dealt to a team in the NL like …. The Mets for instance ???

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