Sternberg on Soriano’s Acquisition

While talking to reporters Friday, Stuart Sternberg recounted the circumstances of Rafael Soriano’s acquisition, which, subsequently, resulted in Soriano getting a one-year deal for $7.25 million.

“He’s a guy who’s had experience getting the final out of the game,” Sternberg said. “It is well outside of our natural wheelhouse to put that kind of money up for somebody who is going to pitch 70 innings. It’s something we’ll have a little fun with this year.”

The Rays managing general partner said Andrew Friedman’s influence sealed the decision.

“When [Friedman, the Rays executive vice president of baseball operations] told me [about the deal] and we talked about the numbers, I said you’ve got to be kidding me,” Sternberg said. “Andrew doesn’t pound the table very often, that’s a saying I like to use, if you’re pounding the table. I’ll ask my guys if you’re pounding the table on this. And Andrew was pounding the table. Andrew works hard and does an incredible job for this organization, and I have to think really long and hard and defer to him when he’s pounding the table.”

–Bill Chastain

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