Maddon and Yogi

Just before the Rays took batting practice at Steinbrenner Field, Joe Maddon took advantage of the opportunity to talk to Hall of Famer Yogi Berra, who has become a friend since Maddon became manager of the Rays.

“He’s really fun,” Maddon said. “My first year here, I told [Don Zimmer] I wanted to meet Yogi Berra, because he and Yogi are such good buddies. So he set it up.  We went out to dinner by the [Tampa] airport.  And since then, Yogi always comes to visit.  And the really fun things abou the conversations is he will always remember what we talked about during our last conversation.  Always. So he comes into the stadium in New York to talk and he always asks questions based on previous conversations. Which I’ve always found impressive.

Maddon also said that Berra has a resemblance to his father.

“He’s got a little bit of my dad facially,” Maddon said. “It’s always interesting to see him.  He’s really kindand to be able to sit down and B.S. with Yogi is really cool.”

Berra asked Evan Longoria to autograph a baseball and the Rays third baseman happy complied. Maddon said Berra compared Longoria to Joe DiMaggio in regard to certain traits.

–Bill Chastain



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