Soriano Not Concerned

Soriano had what appeared to be a disastrous outing in the third, but the Rays new closer did not seem fazed about giving up four runs on three hits, including a two run homer to Anthony Rizzo.

Soriano told reporters he was experimenting with a few things and there was no reason to panic. He is supposed to go back-to-back for the first time this spring on Wednesday when he’ll pitch in a Minor League game.

–Bill Chastain


Please turn off the sound effects during the pitch, besides this sounding like crape, plus you are interupting the commentators broadcast. There is on way you can cause us to believe or enjoy the ball and bat making sounds as the ball flies from the pitcher to the catcher and the bat sounding off as the batter swings his bat. So please just let us enjoy the game we do not need or believe these sound effects. Thank you from a Rays fan, Joe Winstead of Titustille, FL
P.S. If you really want do someting for a fan how about free seat tickets. Maybe that ball is making a sound as it flies home?

Pleasetrun off the sound effects during pitches, thanks Joe Winstead of Titusville, FL.

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