Rays Seem Fine

Having been away from the club all weekend to attend my son Kel’s graduation from college, I did not see Sunday’s perfect game by Oakland’s Dallas Braden. I can say this from spending time in the clubhouse earlier tonight that I don’t believe there will be a hangover.

From the Rays point of view, Sunday’s loss was a loss, but the team remains 4-2 on the current road trip, which is not a bad mark for the West Coast. They feel as though they still can finish strong and make this a special road trip.

–Bill Chastain

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I grew up with the four 20 game winning pitchers in Baltimore. It’s time to recognise that Lance Cormier is not a help to this team. Jaso should paly every game until Shoppach is healthy. Then, The Rays might extend their lead over he Yankees! Lance has been pitiful the last htree times I have seen him pitch. Navarro adds next to nothing to the team. They trade Kazmir ( a good decision at the time) but hold on to two platers who haven’t produced at all this season. We could use a decent DH too!

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