About Today’s Lineup

Joe Maddon explained several aspect of today’s different Rays lineup.

For starters, Gabe Kapler is hitting third, which Maddon attributed to Kapler’s ability to hit left-handers and his desire to “set the table” for Evan Longoria, who is batting fourth.

Hank Blalock is at first because he’s hit well against Lee in the past and he’s hit lefties well while at Triple-A Durham. And finally, Sean Rodriguez is at second base because Maddon wanted to get him into a game.

–Bill Chastain

1 Comment

great comeback win on saturday, but still way too few hits. and nowhere in the st. pete times did i read that if the mariners didn’t make that poor decision on leaving moore in to run in the 8th inning, the score going to the bottom would have been at least 3-0, thanks to the hit by suzuki. having finally ditched burrell, the rays must now come to terms with navarro and send him down once shoppach is ready to come back. longo needs some help – he can’t be the only one to carry a bat for this great pitching and defensive team.

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