Rays Lineup for Tuesday Night’s Game vs. Red Sox

Here’s the Rays’ starting lineup for Tuesday night:

Bartlett, SS
Crawford, LF
Zobrist, 2B
Longoria, 3B
Aybar, DH
Pena, 1B
Upton, CF
Navarro, C
Kapler, RF
Shields, RHP

— Bill Chastain

1 Comment

Time to make some changes? Sean Rodriguez was supposed to bring a big stick and is barely hitting .200 (less in the past week). How about bringing up Dan Johnson?

As for the regulars that Joe Maddon excuses with his ridiculous optomism:

The consistently underperforming BJ Upton is hitting .184 over the last 30 days with no sign of breaking out. Sure to kill any rally with one of his far too may Ks.

And of course Pena is in the same boat. Can’t beat the shift and has way too many bad at bats desapite Joe’s comments to the contrary.

Navarro doesn’t deserve the time necessary to point out his shortcomings!! Dump him when Shoppach gets back and keep Jaso as the #1.

Let all these guys go and free up money to keep CC at year end!!!

P.S. More at bats for Blalock will bring him up to speed and help NOW.

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