Today’s Lineup

Upton, CF
Crawford, LF
Longoria, 3B
Pena, 1B
Aybar, DH
Rodriguez, RF
Shoppach, C
Bartlett, SS
Brignac, 2B

–Bill Chastain


Wondering how long are we going to have to put up with B.J. ‘s poor batting? Everytime he is up to bat I just shake my head. Now that I think about it I shake my head just like he does at the umpire after strikking out. Yeah B.J. we know its the upires fault. Everytime.

Without a doubt, the two announcers for the Rays are the biggest crybabies, the worst analysts and the most inept sportscasters in all of baseball….including Little League. I understand that a lot of announcers are for their home team but these two guys are too much. Dewayne Staats, if not the worst play-by-play announcer is pretty close. As for Kevin Kennedy, the fact that he was career minor league player says a lot about how much he knows about Major League hitters and pitchers…..nothing!!!! Yet, he is constantly running his mouth without saying anything meaningful. I moved to Florida in 2003 and I watch the Rays every chance I get. Unfortunately, there is never one single game that these two don’t say something so stupid, so prejudice on any play or call that goes against the Rays that I turn off the volume whenever they start to talk. Needless to say, it would probably be easier to watch the game from the beginning to end with the volume off.

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