Division Series Games 1 and 2 Sold Out

Rays Division Series Home Games 1 and 2 are sold out except for single seats and a very limited amount of obstructed view seats.

Fans can still register for future pre-sale opportunities at raysbaseball.com

–Bill Chastain


Had people known when the games would be (daytime) at the time of buying tickets…the Trop wouldn’t have sold out. I saved up and bought 4 tickets to both the first two games…and no one I planned to go with can go! They can’t afford to buy the ticked and miss work, or can’t miss work period because their jobs are “iffy,” or can’t miss work and hire a babysitter too, and in a couple of cases, the “kids” are in school and can’t miss. Thus I’m holding way more tickets than planned (and that I surely couldn’t afford all on my own), and I can’t sell them either – even for less than I paid – between Stubhub and Craigslist, there are hundreds, if not thousands offered as of now. The fans will be villified again for not filling the Trop – but MLB deciding both of our games were daytime was (in my opinion) a bad choice and an additional way for them to showcase our “poor” fan base! Grrr.

so mad at maddon’s line-up. i cannot believe he put in sean rodriguez and jennings in. rodriquez has barely hit a single hit in the entire regular season. madden sat him down for most of the season because he was not hitting. post-season is not the time. jennins never hits either. i do not understand why he does not put in dan johnson or matt joyce who actually hit the ball. i do agree with him leaving longo in becuase he will get back into things and hit something.

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