Seen Around Camp

One of the best things to see if you’re a Rays fan — or if you’re someone covering the team — was J.P. Howell back in uniform.

After season-ending left-shoulder May 19, the Rays southpaw is on track to be back on the mound for the team in May. He’s still the same guy, complete with his endearing sense of humor and interesting choices of slang, the only difference is he’s 30 pounds heavier.  The weight is well distributed, and he believes the bulk will relieve some of the stress on his shoulder.

Also impressive was the overall size of some of the pitchers. Kyle Farnsworth is generally regarded as a big dude, but Jeff Niemann and Adam Russell could both look down on the top of his head.

Joe Maddon noted that he enjoyed meeting Chris Archer, who came over from the Cubs, and said he was everything he expected him to be.  And he liked what he saw of Cesar Cabral, who the Rays picked up from the Red Sox in the Rule V Draft.

Maddon also said Juan Cruz is having visa problems, but the right-hander is expected to be in camp by Friday.

— Bill Chastain

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