Rays Indifferent About Cashman’s Remarks

Brian Cashman spoke candidly on Sunday when asked about another team  being added to the playoffs. During the course of the dialogue created by the question, the Yankees general manager noted that the prospect of having another Wild Card team, which would have to play the other Wild Card team, would enhance the value of winning the division.  And by doing so, the situation the Yankees found themselves in 2010 would be eliminated.  The Rays won the AL East by one game that season and the Yankees became the Wild Card.

“I won’t say we gave [the division] away [in 2010] because Tampa earned it,” Cashman said. “Be we were willing to not win it if it meant putting ourselves in a better position to move forward in October. Those are choices that I think it’s best to eliminate from the equation, and the commissioner has done a great thing by doing that in my opinion.”

Andrew Friedman and Joe Maddon wore the face of indifference on Tuesday when asked about Cashman’s remarks.

“I think that we’re focussed on 2012 and the grind that is the American League East,” Friedman said. “There’s no point in going back on that. Obviously we read it, but our focus is forward.”

Added Maddon: “Yeah, the banner’s up there, that’s cool.”

–Bill Chastain

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