Rays Shortstop Situation

I don’t believe the shortstop situation will be settled any time soon.

Sean Rodriguez and Reid Brignac headed into spring as the leading candidates. But Jeff Keppinger is in camp and Maddon has already said “he’s on the team.” So what happens to Elliot Johnson?

Good question, which I’ll answer with another question: What happens if Brignac doesn’t win the starting job?  Would that mean that Johnson is the utility man?

Brignac can also fill a utility role, which he has done in the past.  Maddon said Saturday that Brignac does not have to win the shortstop job to be on the team.  He also could be a utility guy.  In the past one the organization would have wanted Brignac to play every day, now that consideration is muddled based on the fact Hak-Ju Lee should be getting all the innings at Double-A Montgomery and Tim Beckham all the innings at Triple-A Durham.

So the Rays have a crowded situation with shortstops and utility guys at the Major League level.  The nice part for the Rays is the fact these are the kinds of problems a team wants to have.

–Bill Chastain

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