Badenhop Comes Through

Idle time inside a Major League clubhouse often leads baseball scribes to silliness, which is one of the many fun elements of the job.

Pan to Sunday afternoon.

Sam Fuld, who majored in economics at Stanford, was on Sunday’s Rays telecast wearing a bow tie and talking about complex baseball statistics. That fact led the pack of scribes to ponder the prospect of coming up with a new stat that could be added to the growing list of baseball stats already available.  After discussing the matter briefly, the idea was tabled.

Yesterday I approached the Rays’ other economics major, Burke Badenhop, who went to Bowling Green, about finding the elusive cutting edge stat.   Employing the intended spirit for request, the Rays reliever told me he would come up with something.  Fifteen or 20 minutes later, Badenhop handed me a note with the following written description of his newest stat he termed WTHR:

“Also known as ‘weather’, which is warning-track fly outs per home run. A measure of a player’s warning-track power.”

What do you think? Should this stat become something worthwhile to follow?

–Bill Chastain

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