November 2012

Matt Silverman Live

Rays fans can ask team president Matt Silverman questions Thursday afternoon at 4:15 by going to the following link:

–Bill Chastain

Rays Sign Longoria to a Contract Extension

The Rays and Evan Longoria have agreed on a contract extension that could keep the All-Star third baseman in a Rays uniform through the 2013 season.

Longoria’s new contract incorporates the salaries for 2013 through 2016 from his original contract and extends six more years through 2022 for an additional $100 million. The deal also includes a club option for 2023.

–Bill Chastain

Chris Archer a Special Kid

I enjoyed writing the feature on Chris Archer and his mentor Ron Walker, which should be posted later today at  The Rays right-hander is an exceptional kid, not only in ability, but also in regard to his outlook on life.  It was very nice to see someone so young who seems to get it.

Anyway, I hope all will enjoy and that I did Archer and Walker justice with the story.

–Bill Chastain