Rays Spring Training Feb. 27

Saturday will see the Rays conduct their first full-squad workout of Spring Training.

Friday brought photo day to camp.

“Good to get it over with,” said Kevin Cash of the day. “They put you through the gauntlet a little bit. This might’ve been the best photo day I’ve ever been a part of. It was quick.”

Cash talked about the way the catchers threw the ball during Friday’s workout.

“They all threw the ball really well,” Cash said. [Justin O’Connor], if that was 75-80 percent effort level–that’s what we asked of them–I can’t wait until the 100 percent level comes out.”

Cash and bench coach Tom Foley met with MLB officials regarding the pace of play.

“Major League Baseball is doing a really good job of informing us,” Cash said. “I’ll take some time here in Spring Training–that’s part of what this is for. We’ll be on board. Everybody will get on board with it. … MLB sent a group in to talk [Friday morning]. It was very informative. There’s not many rule changes, but the pace of play is something that is being talked about. We went over the ideas with Major League Baseball, how they’re going to improve it, stuff they’re going to implement. Nothing was alarming at all. It’s pretty common sense stuff.”

Alex Colome is now the only player who should be in camp, but is not due to a visa problem. Cash was asked if there comes a point where he gets concerned.

“I think we’re concerned now,” Cash said. “…It’s getting closer every day, but sure, it starts to be a concern already. Hopefully he’s on track. We’re getting reports that he’s throwing his bullpens and everything. But you want him here. And you want our guys with him and around his teammates with Hick, with our trainers, stuff like that. Doing his maintenance and stuff like that. Hopefully it’s not that much longer. … I’d definitely say we’re counting on him to be right in the mix of everything that’s going on.”
 –Bill Chastain

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