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Crawford Apologizes

Carl Crawford held court in Fort Myers today and spoke about the Tampa Bay area and Rays fans after being asked about not thanking them more during his Red Sox introduction press conference in December. Crawford said the following: “My throat was hurting so bad, and I was trying to limit myself to as many words as possible. If I made a few people upset, I’m sorry about it. Everybody knows I loved Tampa when I was there. I had a good time there. At the press conference, I was overwhelmed by cameras. I’ve never been in this situation before. It just slipped my mind. To the people of Tampa and the front office, I apologize and I’m sorry about that.”

–Bill Chastain

Three Dog on a Crisp Day in Port Charlotte

The weather in Port Charlotte feels more like an April game in Boston. Despite early showers Sunday morning, the Rays are playing the Blue Jays and Rays fans should take heart that Carl Crawford, a.k.a. “Three Dog” looked like he was in mid-season form when he tripled home Jason Bartlett in the third inning.

Few things in baseball can rival the sight of seeing Crawford rounding second base and headed for third with his arms flying all over the place. If Crawford is healthy this season, there’s no telling what he’s capable of doing.
–Bill Chastain